Monday, November 30, 2009

Carry On Screaming

Just a few screen caps from Carry On Screaming, probably the best Carry On from the 60's and maybe the best of the whole series.
Carry On was a British comedy film series that lasted from the late 50's until the British film industry imploded in the 70's, the critics hated them (what do they know bunch of snobs) but people loved them.
The films usually starred Sid James (who stayed with the series until his fatal heart attack in the early 70's), Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor, Joan Sims and many others like Jim Dale and Bernard Cribbins.
Carry On Screaming stars Harry H Corbett (in a one off starring role for Carry On), Kenneth Williams as Dr What,Jim Dale, Joan Sims,Peter Butterworth,Charles Hawtrey and Jon (Third Doctor Who) Pertwee, not sure why Sid isn't in the film probably why the got Corbett (who was a hot property at the time because of Steptoe & Son on British TV).
Can you tell i'm a fan of the Carry On films?
If you haven't seen Carry On Screaming it can be found on DVD in the US and UK, really it's a great film.

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  1. Fun movie, but, the Fenella Fielding "do you mind if I smoke?" gag is a direct lift from the 1964-66 Addams Family t.v. series. Morticia [Carolyn Jones] regularly used that line/smoke effect throughout the show's run. I've heard that The Addams Family wasn't aired in Britain [?] so maybe they thought they could get away with it? Or perhaps, it was an homage!