Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spider Pizza

Not recommended for people with arachnophobia!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cookie Gravestones

I want some of these. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fester Awards

So Fester has been bugging me about the Macabre Drive-In Theater "Fester Awards" that i promised to give out. Well i haven't forgotten (ok maybe i did for a few weeks) but i've just never gotten around to it. I don't have a snazzy and ghoulish Fester award piccie to bestow on anyone. And the fact that i only have 16 followers and not all have a horror related blog and many blogs i like don't know that the Macabre exists ( i would feel so much more of a fool that i am to give an award and have the blog not know about it ) maybe not a big problem for some but i am mortified by things like this, so i'd go through my list of great followers pretty darn quick.
So for now and probably for the forseable future i'll pick two ( one a follower and one non-follower ), oh heck you're all winners of a Fester!

If i make a Fester Award pic i'll make a proper go of the awards.


Beach Party

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monster Slumber Party


More great and ghoulish art from Becca.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blood Beast Terror

Blood Beast Terror (1968)
Directed by Vernon Sewell
Not really that scary of a movie and actually quite silly. You can tell it was made on the cheap but it has Peter Cushing and as always he gives his all. The film is worth seeing because of Cushing and watch as he fiddles away like mad with props during many of the scenes, i almost expect him to wink at us and letting us know he knew how silly it all was. Giant Vampire Moth, luscious Wanda Ventham, creepy Kevin Stoney and Peter Cushing is what you need, well this is the film for you!
Film is also known as "Blood Beast From Hell","The Deathshead Vampire" and "The Vampire-Beast Craves Blood".

Monday, February 8, 2010

Great Bela!

Great pic found on the http://funatic.tumblr.com/ of Bela.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fangoria Dead?

Is Fangoria magazine dead? Be a shame if it has stopped being published, not that i've read it in years but it seemed to be the only Horror movie magazine you could find on the newstand.
I remember buying the first issue in 1979 and enjoying it for being a gorier and more adult version of Famous Monsters.
For more info :


Thanks Fango for all the years of gory goodness!

Classic Magazine Covers

Castle Of Frankenstein #25
I still have my copy of this classic Horror movie magazine.

Horrorhound Weekend Vampire Tribute

Wish i could be there.

For more info : http://www.horrorhostgraveyard.com/

Mmmmm Ms Monster

Monday, February 1, 2010


So I and Mrs Macabre sat down to watch one of her favorite horror films, Nightbreed (1990) written and driected by Clive Barker. The film wasn't bad and better than i remembered but oh how the special effects are dated and the hair...the two leads had 80's hair (was there some time warp in Canada that kept 80's hair alive into the 90's?) and bad 80's clothes, the female lead looked like she just walked out of a disco.
Nice Canadian landscapes and great monster makeup. David Cronenberg did a nice rare acting turn and John Agar has a nice cameo ( a film is always made better with Agar).
I won't spoil the film and go into too much detail, you need to go see it.
The lovely Mur kept trying to fall asleep on me during the film but i was kept awake by my snarky Msting of the film (i do this to all films..bad habit of mine), so it's a good film to cuddle your sweetie with. :)


A Godzilla tribute with all his Kaiju co-stars.

Macabre Classic Posters

One of Hammer's best.


Just a reminder, Zombieland hits DVD this Tuesday.
A definate "Must Buy" DVD.