Wednesday, September 16, 2009


100th post and right now probably last post, not getting any feedback online here at the Macabre or behind the scenes. I was hoping for material from someone close to me but she seems to have moved on. Lack of more followers after 3 months is discouraging to say the least.
I hope the few who have visited the Macabre have enjoyed it and thank you.


  1. I have enjoyed it!!! I hope you decide to stick around. Hey - October is coming!

    Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

  2. I'm glad you've enjoyed the Macabre, thank you it means a lot to me.
    I think some time off is needed and maybe the Macabre will have a great Spooktober.

    Real life and blogs never mix.

  3. Hey Drake...I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!! I just seen it when you had mentioned it on your other looks great Drake!!!!

  4. Thanks Kelly and i'm glad you love it, i promise the Macabre will stay open!