Friday, September 16, 2011

Horror Hosts

I've always wanted to be a Horror host on tv and i guess now online. I feel my childhood was cheated by not having a local horror host here in the Macabre Drive-In Theater area ie the Northeast part of Florida around the mythical city of St. Augustine, we had creature features on saturday afternoon (where i got my fill of Godzilla and Gamera movies and the classic Universal films). A local station back in the 90's had a shortlived horror host duo..don't remember the guy but the lady was Morticia like but more Elvira endowed...if you know what i mean.
I remember reading about Horror hosts in Famous Monsters like the infamous Zacherley,Vampira,Svengoolie and others from around the USA and we did have Elvira here back in her first run and her new series was here but seems to have vanished.

Am i getting to a point? no not really just rambling through the headstones of memory graveyard and wishing i could dig up those old days again. I do wish i could do a online version of the Macabre with me and the ghoul of my dreams by my side.


  1. Well, why don't you try and do something with, at least, some of the public domain films? You could do your segments, edit it together and post it here.

  2. I'll look into it and see what technology i have or need. It could happen.

  3. That would be great. I'd watch. We had Fritz the Nightowl on WBNS channel 10 in Columbus. My Mom and I watched his Chiller Theater when I was a kid. He had a double feature every Friday night.