Monday, February 1, 2010


So I and Mrs Macabre sat down to watch one of her favorite horror films, Nightbreed (1990) written and driected by Clive Barker. The film wasn't bad and better than i remembered but oh how the special effects are dated and the hair...the two leads had 80's hair (was there some time warp in Canada that kept 80's hair alive into the 90's?) and bad 80's clothes, the female lead looked like she just walked out of a disco.
Nice Canadian landscapes and great monster makeup. David Cronenberg did a nice rare acting turn and John Agar has a nice cameo ( a film is always made better with Agar).
I won't spoil the film and go into too much detail, you need to go see it.
The lovely Mur kept trying to fall asleep on me during the film but i was kept awake by my snarky Msting of the film (i do this to all films..bad habit of mine), so it's a good film to cuddle your sweetie with. :)


  1. I can go either way with a Barker flick. Will try and catch this some time, though.

  2. Husband and I always love cuddling up to this one (it is probably the Barker film he will watch voluntarily)....Hellraiser not so much...Lord of Illusions too long....this one is just perfect. :) Glad you liked it.