Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blood Beast Terror

Blood Beast Terror (1968)
Directed by Vernon Sewell
Not really that scary of a movie and actually quite silly. You can tell it was made on the cheap but it has Peter Cushing and as always he gives his all. The film is worth seeing because of Cushing and watch as he fiddles away like mad with props during many of the scenes, i almost expect him to wink at us and letting us know he knew how silly it all was. Giant Vampire Moth, luscious Wanda Ventham, creepy Kevin Stoney and Peter Cushing is what you need, well this is the film for you!
Film is also known as "Blood Beast From Hell","The Deathshead Vampire" and "The Vampire-Beast Craves Blood".

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  1. Can always appreciate something when an actor gives it his all, no matter what.