Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dracula Prince Of Darkness (1966)

Dracula Prince Of Darkness is the latest film in the Macabre Drive-In Theater's Hammerthon (12 films so far, sometimes hard to squeeze in a film to watch around here).
This has always felt like the odd man out film of the Hammer Dracula films, Dracula dosen't even show up until half the film is over and after a dandy ressurection there's not much for him to do but hiss and scowl and to bite Barbara Shelley, i wouldn't mind that part at all. ;)
I understand Sir Lee refused to say the dialog for Dracula (His Dracula has only really been chatty in Horror Of Dracula and Scars Of Dracula), Dracula is now a force of hissing evil.
The film is a direct sequel to Horror Of Dracula but has a different feel to it, to me it feels older than Horror Of Dracula, more like a Hammer Dracula film from the 40's or earlier.
I enjoy the film, it has a great cast with Andrew Kier,Francis Matthews,Thorley Walters and the ladies Shelley and Farmer and it's one of my favorites but still it dosen't fit the series.
I recommend it and if you have the now out of print Anchor Bay DVD there is a wonderfal audio commentary with Sir Lee,Matthews,Shelley and Farmer.


  1. Love this one too! I have the DVD version with the commentary and I recommend findig it. It is worth the extra bucks on ebay. :)


  2. I agree, it's worth the price to get it. :)

  3. Nice write-up! I've got the DVD but haven't watched it in ages. Oh yeah, the correct honorific is not "Sir Lee," but "Sir Christopher"! ;-)

  4. Thanks Will, i knew i was getting the title wrong and Sir Christopher sounds much better. :)