Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thing Maker

Creepy Crawlers! I still remember getting this for Christmas, my Gramps picked it out (you could always tell when Gramps bought your Xmas gift!). The Thing Maker Creepy crawlers set, coolest and most used toy for years.
And Boy Howdy was the thing dangerous, can't remember how many times i burned myself on the thing. LOL
Too bad kids don't get this kind of thrill and injuries with toys now, it was more fun being a kid back then. :)

For Halloween i want a Thing Maker again!


  1. Oh, my brothers had one. I was so jealous...they made the coolest stuff....and burned their fingers. Which being the older sister seemed fine to me :D


  2. Older sister, i had 3 older sisters...all evil to their sweet younger brother! ;)