Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween 2

It wasn't as good as the original but it wasn't bad, just seemed like the usual stuff we got with slasher films at the time. Halloween needed no remake or sequels in my creepy opinion but the studio wanted a series (like the Fridays and Nightmares) you can't blame them they are in the business to make money. I thought H2 was too bloody and with many Jason style killings, the original didn't need that but Carpenter didn't direct only produced and wrote. Carpenter didn't seem to like the direction of H2 and made H3 totally different story and if he had his way all the further movies would be Shapeless and have new stories...as we know that didn't happen and Carpenter left the series. Each new Halloween was weaker until the dreaded remake was made by Rob Zombie screwed the mythos up and the fun of the films.


  1. I like Halloween 2, I think it is a good sequel. Love that we got more of that night. And, when viewed with Part 1 and H20, makes for the middle of a cool trilogy. :)