Thursday, October 11, 2012

Incredible Kitten In The Pumpkin

This picture is hugely popular on the Macabre tumblr and i don't know why, sure it's cute and well made. The people who took it hade a great idea "Let's put kitty in the Jack O'Lantern and take a piccie!". As thie posting the picture has gotten 26,758 notes on the Macabre tumblr! I found the pic in a Google search over a year ago when i went looking for Pumpkins for lat year's 31 Days of Halloween and posted it here and then on the tumblr. Now this was a year ago it got the usual reblogs and "likes" but nothing special and after Halloween it had no activity at all which is the norm for most stuff on tumblr. Bur aroung the end of September someone must have looked thru the Macabre tumblr archive and fournd it and it's i think 20,000 more notes than it did last year, Incredible.
It's a Halloween miracle!
Thanks goes to the person who took the photo and to the kitty. :)

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