Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who Was The Best Dracula?

Without a doubt it's Christopher Lee. Sure Bela Lugosi made the first impact but Sir Christopher made the part his over a 15 year period and for me when i was young he seemed to be always playing the Count.
Of course not all the Hammer Dracula's were that great but there are a few gems like, Horror Of Dracula (dracula in the UK), Dracula Has Risen From The Grave ( Drac gets a nifty bloody death in this one) and Dracula AD 1972 (which has the beautiful Caroline Munro!). There's one Dracula film that is a classic but has no Dracula in it, Brides Of Dracula which has Peter Cushing going all out as Van Helsing.
I'm glad Sir Christopher is still with us and he's probably right that the role Dracula hampered his film career but us fans don't mind, he's a legend and Dracula to us.

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