Friday, August 14, 2009

Black Dagger Brotherhood

The Mrs. loves the Black Dagger Brotherhood books from J.R. Ward. She wants me to read them and i will one day and not just to keep her happy but that's a good thing too. :)
Anyone out there a lover of Vampire books and books by J.R. Ward?
I'm so glad the vampires don't sparkle in these books.


  1. omg... the very thought of any of the Brothers sparkling just makes me keel over laughing... I can see it now... Vishous sparkles and Rhage never lets him live it down... the closest the Brothers ever come to sparkling is the light flashing off of all the weapons they carry...

    Needless to say, I think "loves" is pretty much a vast understatement... more like "is obsessed with" :D Yes, I'm a crazy fangirl for the BDB... it's my one true crazy squealy fan thing... The WARDen RULES! :)

    ahem. :)

  2. I think people would be maimed if the BDB sparkled in a BDB movie. LOL

    I'll have you post some BDB posts and maybe one about who should be who in a BDB movie.

    *hugs the obsessed Mrs* :)