Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sparkling Whine

I've never seen or read the Twilight movie or the books. I do know it's making a ton of money for the author and the film producers and making the actors "famous".
The Mrs says they were written for the teen market, i assume the films are too. Now that wouldn't bother me, i love the Harry Potter books and films.
I figure the books/film are the "Emo and Whine" variety of vampires,which i hate but the thing that will stop me from watching or reading any of the films or books is.............the vampires....sparkle.


  1. Welll.... not ALL of the vampires are emo, just Edward to an extent and so is Bella. Not so much the rest of the vamps though. I have to say, though, that even though vamps are my favorites, I like the werewolves better in this one. :) Go Jacob!

  2. The wolfies better not sparkle, Sweetie :)

    I cannot handle the sparkle! LOL

    *murrrmaiyd is the Mrs*

  3. No no no... the wolfies are proper wolfies, no sparkling! :)

  4. We need to run some Werewolf films here at Macabre, a howling good time is needed! ;)