Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Horror Movie News

While i was waitng for the sun to go down and the start of another movie filled night i thought i'd try to find some good ole Drive-In style horror movie news, i couldn't find any.
Oh sure there's a slew of big budget remakes, torture porn and twilight style emo vampire films and news out there but where is the cool movies, the kind we show here at Macabre?
Are there no new B Horror and Monster movies being any more?
I think we old ghouls were spoiled by when we had Godzilla,Gamera,Hammer,Amicus,AIP,Romero and more making films back in the golden age of Drive-In.
How about a Zombie Elvis fighting Ninjas movie ( i know we got a wonderful film recently called Bubba Ho-Tep, it's a Macabre fave but it's so rare to see a good film like that not spoiled with CGI and Movie Studio interference ), i'd run it here at the Macabre!
Oh well time to start making the popcorn bloody butter sauce...

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