Monday, August 10, 2009

Macabre Drive-In Theater Top Films

So your old Host of the Macabre was checking out one of the better horror movie blogs online and saw a top 35 list of Horror movies, some great films and some major omissions to the list. There wasn't a single Hammer or British film there!
So i thought i'd make my list of 35 in no way a polling of others or in any real order, just ones i like. I would ask for your faves, so correct me in my choices and tell me yours.
It's all in good fun.
(I might do an action/B movie list too)

1 - Halloween
2 - Abominable Dr Phibes
3 - Evil Dead
4 - Night Of The Living Dead
5 - Sadist
6 - Brides of Dracula
7 - Frankenstein
8 - Dracula
9 - Haunting
10- Legend Of Hell House
11- Psycho
12- Shaun Of The Dead
13- Wolfman
14- Phantom Of The Opera
15- Wicker Man
16- Count Yorga, Vampire
17- Suspiria
18- Fog
19- Horror Of Dracula
20- Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter
21- Horror Express
22- Pyschomania
23- Witchfinder General
24- Masque Of The Red Death
25- Mummy
26- Plague Of The Zombies
27- From Dusk Till Dawn
28- Nightmare On Elm Street
29- Devil Rides Out
30- Blacula
31- Tomb Of Ligeia
32- Blob
33- Phantasm
34- Theatre Of Blood
35- Friday The 13th

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